Why San Diego is Great for Young People

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A regularly returning feature on the country’s top 20 cities for young people, San Diego is young professional’s paradise. Over 2/3rds of the city is under the age of 35, as a result, there are ample opportunities for this age group that has remained consistently attractive to new homeowners. From trendy eateries to productive cafes… Read more »

Choosing the Right School District for Your Family’s Move

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  Choosing the right school for your child is one of the single most important decisions you make as a parent. Sending your children to a good school is not only crucial to their development as a friend and team player, but will also determine what path in life they inevitably take – whether it’s… Read more »

How to Juggle Multiple Offers and Come Out on Top

  A common scenario in the home buying process: you find the home of your dreams. It’s in the perfect neighborhood, adjacent to impressive schools, and has enough green space to keep you happy for a lifetime. Unfortunately for you, however, this is many people’s dream home and they’ve all just made a handsome offer… Read more »

What to expect to spend in your first year of homeownership


Homeownership is a great thing! Whether you’re moving out of mom and dad’s place, or deciding to turn those rent payments into mortgage payments, buying a home is a great step towards stability and financial security. However, owning isn’t renting, and there are many fees associated with locking down your new home that you should… Read more »

Time to Refinance?


In the constantly changing world of real estate, mortgage rates fluctuate, and sometimes, in the buyer’s favor. However, many people purchase a home with a low mortgage rate only to find out a few years later that rates have dropped again. Think you’re stuck with your current rate? Nope! Refinancing has allowed homeowners to lower… Read more »